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Technologies Used: Microsoft Visual StudioVB.NET 3.5, Microsoft SQL Server, and WinSCP .NET Assembly and COM Library

Business Objective: A customer wanted to utilize SunTrust Bank’s Positive Pay Verification for checks written on Accounts Payable as an added security measure and prevent check fraud.  SunTrust’s requirements included a formatted file containing all checks issued or voided each business day uploaded to their FTP server.  The customer wanted this process automated to reduce dependency on an individual to upload this file daily and prevent errors.

Solution: Working with SunTrust Bank, Jason W. Martin analyzed the requirements and business processes involved to develop a custom solution that is completely automated requiring no interaction on the part of the customer.  Using Microsoft Visual Studio, he wrote custom code to access data in a Microsoft SQL database which is the main data storage facility for the company’s ERP system.

The custom solution generates a text file meeting SunTrust Bank’s specifications and sends via WinSCP’s .NET assembly using SSH File Transfer Protocol.  Error checking, logging, and event notification which sends e-mail confirmation detailing the specific data sent to SunTrust Bank ensures the daily automated process remains in check and immediate action can be taken should any issue arise.

Because Jason was able to leverage the existing infrastructure and systems the customer already had in place plus the available tools and technologies from Microsoft and WinSCP, he was able to provide a completely automated solution with no additional costs for hardware or software.